Commitment to America

Commitment to America

We the People of the United States of America, reclaiming our inalienable rights, demand that Congress bring an end to the out-of-control spending of our tax dollars and the intrusive growth of the Federal Government.

To this end, we demand that Members of Congress do the following:

1. Stop the massive spending that is bankrupting America. Start with no new bailouts. Roll back federal spending to 2007 levels and cap annual spending growth at the rate of inflation plus population growth.

2. Vote for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution that also requires a 2/3 supermajority to raise taxes.

3. Repeal or defund the government takeover of our health care. Start over with health care reform that is patient centered and reduces – not raises – our health care costs.

4. Repeal the automatic tax increases scheduled for 2013. Vote against increased taxation, including energy taxes and value added taxes.

5. Require “sunset” provisions for every spending program passed and every agency created by Congress.

6. Legislate limits on excessive agency rule making by requiring that Congress vote to approve all major new rules.

7. Demonstrate legislative transparency. Five days in advance of a vote, post online all bills, resolutions and conference reports. Require roll call votes on all measures that spend money.

8. Hold no votes in a “lame duck” session that would increase spending, taxes or regulation. This would include, for example, cap and trade, card check and immigration.

9. Abide by the principle that any law that does not apply to Congress or its staff does not apply to the American people.

10.  Provide specific citations from the Constitution for any legislation introduced.

Members of Congress must remember that they derive their just powers from and serve by consent of the governed.

The premise of every law enacted by Congress must be that the American people know best how to conduct their own affairs.

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