First Capital Tea Party – Call To Action in Chillicothe, Ohio

GadsdenThis is an Immediate Call To Action!

If you live in Chillicothe, work in Chillicothe as an employee or contractor, or own property in Chillicothe, you should be aware of this.

This is currently affecting people in the Chillicothe/Ross County, Ohio area, but take heed elsewhere, because the Communists/Alinskyites are wanting to do the same thing in your area. We must stop this culture killing, business killing, school and church endangering “Commission” from taking our liberty! Feel free to share. We need the widest dissemination possible.


We The People, in Chillicothe/Ross County and other areas across Ohio and America, are being surreptitiously taken over by “Progressive Forces” that are trying to enact a German Stasi Style of “Commissions”, whose goal it is to disrupt businesses, churches and schools through certain “aggrieved parties” as designated by the “Progressive Left” (Nearly the Entire Chillicothe City Commission).

A 3 member, un-elected panel will be selected, not by the people, but by the City Council to investigate aggrieved citizens, and will give themselves the power to try, and fine businesses, churches and schools up to $500 per day per offense!

The commission will also send operatives to businesses, churches and private schools to give them a “test”. This “test” would involve a plant going to a business, not to purchase goods and services, but to effect an entrapment, create an aggrieved party, and feed their slush fund coffers. The “aggrieved” has up to 360 days to make an accusation. Our courts, and due process of law, are completely bypassed. This is the lynch pin where we perceive this ordinance will not pass, however, it has been enacted in other small college towns in Ohio, apparently with no challenge as of yet. The money then goes into a slush fund to create other like “Commissions” to put additional yokes on the people to settle the “aggrieved”.

Attached to this article is a copy of the proposed ordinance language. This proposed legislation is antithetical to the rule of law in our free republic form of government. The proposed legislation attempts to create a problem that 1) doesn’t exist, and 2) is currently addressed at the state and federal levels. It is interesting to note that the city Law Director was not permitted to review this proposed legislation.

Also attached, is a multi-point synopsis, and a petition signature page. Once you read and understand the grievous nature of this proposed legislation, please consider helping us gain signatures against this hideous banana republic, communist style takeover of our lives.

A meeting of council is scheduled for review of this ordinance on August 1st, 7pm, in council chambers, at 26 South Paint St. Council also meets in regular session on Monday, July 25th, 7:30pm, at the Paint Street location. Please, as many as possible of us should attend both meetings to protest such an egregious violation of our rights! The synopsis explains it all.

As is expected of true patriots, please do your research. The synopsis provides great talking points and a quick understanding. Questions may be directed to Tea Party board members, or through our media message channels(email, FaceBook). If you circulate a petition, please ask the person if they have already signed another petition. This will help prevent duplicate signatures. The hard deadline for turning in petitions to a board member, is 7/29.

Thanks and for all those living outside our area, check for similar ordinances. They will be forthcoming.

ORD Ch516 Synopsis and Petition Form



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First Capital Tea Party Gathering – July 2016


Greetings! I trust you all had a wonderful Independence Day and were able to share with someone the wonderful history behind the day, and the great importance it holds for us today!

Not to sound like a broken record, but we are still in the throes of summer. Hot, humid days and cool evenings provide a perfect venue for ballgames, picnics, reunions, pool parties, gardening, vacations, you name it, hot fun in the summertime. Everyone is quite busy, and that includes our speaker pool as well. For the June meeting, we began a digital program with KrisAnne Hall, and it was very well received. For July as well, we will be viewing and discussing part 2 of 3 of Kris Anne Hall, entitled, “The Roots of Liberty-The Bill of Rights”.

KrisAnne is a attorney and very popular speaker and teacher with respect to the Constitution and founding history. You may read more about KrisAnne here:

Our meeting this month is July 18th at The Sunroom @ The Brick, 113 E. High St. in Frankfort, Ohio, 45628. We start at 7pm. No reservations or invitations are required, all are welcome to attend. We open each meeting with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Light refreshments are served. We hope to see you for this highly popular speaker.

Also note, we do not have a meeting in August. We take this time to set up at the Ross County Fair, August 6-13. It’s a great time to spend meeting and greeting our supporters, and an opportunity to share with those who too are frustrated with the way this country is progressing, but are unsure of how to get involved and make a difference. We need help from our supporters to join with the board members in manning our fair booth. The signup schedule will be available at the meeting so you can plug in to a time slot that suits your schedule. We have lost several members that typically help out, so consider this a call to arms, if you will, for help.

Enjoy the summer. See you at the fair!



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