First Capital Tea Party Gathering-July 2015



First Capital TEA (Totally Engaged Americans) Party Gathering

 Subject: Civil Preparedness Group Panel Discussion

 Date:   Monday, July 20, 2015

Time:    7 PM

Place:   Sunroom @ the Brick

               113 East High Street

               Frankfort, Ohio 45628

Light refreshments are served. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring friends. Gatherings always begin with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

STEP 1 – 200 years ago – Declare your Independence – We will read it.

declaration-facts-wide( If your group is reading the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, Please put the details in the “COMMENTS” section so other may attend your event) Are you fed up with whats going on in our country and don’t know what to do? Your first step should be to hear the words written 200 plus years ago, and you’ll realize those people were facing the same problems that we are today. Find a group […]

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Ohio Precinct Project – Troy meeting a success – Next stop Toledo

cropped-Ohio-Precinct-Project-2On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Ohio Precinct Project’s (OPP) event in Troy, Ohio. I’ve been working with Ted Stevenot and the Ohio Precinct Project on the possibility of them doing a similar event here in NW Ohio. I was impressed with the OPP presentation, their information, and more importantly, their speakers.  I know many of use have been discouraged by the activities coming out of Washington DC this past week. The […]

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CCV Action Calls for Senator Portman to Step Down Now

imgresPoll shows Strickland up 46% over Portman 40% By Phil Burress CCV Action has warned over and over again that a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate (or President) can not win Ohio if they support same-sex unions. Portman, because of pride and ego, is running the risk of the Republicans losing the U.S. Senate in 2017. If he wanted to flip flop his position because of his son that is fine, but he should have […]

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REMINDER – SW Ohio Precinct Project meeting in Troy OH tomorrow

Brick wall with a painting of a flag, OhioIn November of 2014, Congress had an approval rating of around 12%. Given such poor ratings, what percentage of Ohio’s Congressional incumbents do you think won reelection? 100% of them. How does this happen? Legislative districts like those for Congress, state senate, and state house are drawn by establishment interests or “gerrymandered” to favor one or the other of the two major parties. This packs the districts full of supporters who in November tend to vote for whichever candidate shares the controlling party’s affiliation. The fate of issues […]

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Supreme Court rewrites “in-artfully drafted” Obamacare law to fix it

The Justices of the US Supreme Court sitPREFACE – Having read the entire 47 pages, I found the Courts document clear and concise. Every word and every sentence was important and had meaning (I wish I could write like this). This made it very difficult to pull out specific language or sentences to highlight points. I encourage everyone to download, print, and read this document. This courts decision will forever taint the integrity of the Supreme Court. It should serve to emphasize […]

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Ohio’s Voter ID bill stalled in Rep Tim Browns Committee

TimBrownIMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED - Having a Photo ID is required in almost everything we do, except voting.  Ohio Bill, HB-189 would change this,  yet it seems to be stalled in the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee. Is Chairman Tim Brown stalling debate on this bill? In surveys around Ohio, the vast majority of Ohio voters support Voter ID, and the Ohio bill, HB-189,  authored by Andrew Brenner, would do just that. You must present a […]

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I will not accept 80% – I want 100%

OhioGOP_80PercentI’m tired of the establishment Republicans telling me that if I like 80% of the candidate, then I should jump in and give 100% support – BULL CRAP. I want 100%.  When I hire an employee,  we define the job,  I don’t want it 80% complete,  I want it 100% complete. When I hire someone to fix my roof,  I want 100% fixed, not 80% When I buy a new car,  I don’t want a […]

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Portman says YES to giving up the power that we elected him to uphold.

imgresSen Rob Portman voted YES moves the FAST TRACK bill one step closer to allowing President Obama to authorize ALL trade agreement treaties. We are very disappointed in Sen Portman’s stand on this,  We view that Sen Portman gave up the very power that we elected him to uphold by giving negotiating authority to the President for several years — not just President Obama and not just for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.  When Sen Rob […]

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Ohio Conservatives United

UCRU_LOGO_1Less than 6 weeks after its launch, the Ohio Conservatives United (OCU) program has become the talk of Conservative, Liberty, 912, and Tea Party groups and organizations across Ohio.  The “talk” isn’t about the OCU,  but what the OCU is doing. Its providing a platform for Ohio’s conservative voters to communicate with each other on three topics; 1) Potential Presidential candidates choices,  2) Uniting behind a candidate, and, 3) get out the vote efforts. “… […]

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